Blog Traffic Tips – Improve Your Pinterest Descriptions – Strategy #2


Last year, I took a good long hard look at my Pinterest game. I would write a killer post, make a pin I thought was good, and even do Pinterest keyword research to make sure I was being smart about the Pinterest search engine.

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What I failed to realize was the click-ability of my posts on Pinterest mattered most of all.
Go search for something specific on Pinterest. Look at the descriptions in the top search results. See how they are 1) on point with keywords 2) paired with an eye catching image and 3) described in a way that makes you feel the urge to click?

That’s what you’re going for. Put something in those descriptions that makes them irresistible!

If you look through your blog’s Pinterest feed and don’t feel inspired, intrigued, or get the urge to click, then practice some more. You can fix old pins or make new ones that do a better job. OR maybe the issue is your post….maybe it’s just not that interesting or helpful to begin with….

I found this was my issue many times! If you take an objective look, you’ll quickly see which one of these is the issue.

I like to keep a running list of the Pinterest descriptions for my best pins in a spreadsheet. Then when I write a related post, I’ll play on that original description so I don’t have to recreate the wheel.

I find that on Pinterest, if it worked once it will work again!