Blog Traffic Tips – Interlink Monetized Content – Strategy #3

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Interlinking your content can improve your traffic AND income.

Go into your top 10 traffic posts (per Google Analytics) and link to one or more related monetized posts (one of those case studies or tutorials from strategy #1, perhaps) within each one. At the bottom of your posts works well. Play around with placement, though, to see what works for you.

This will put more eyeballs on content that actually makes you money. You can use a plug-in or place the related links and images manually.

Don’t have enough monetized posts to make a significant difference? Go back to Strategy #1.
When you deploy this strategy, it’s like scooping income from an existing river of traffic.

Don’t be like me and build a blog that gets hundreds of thousands of page views each month that are essentially a waste. Ad income is really nice, but it doesn’t compare to the revenue you can earn from selling something (either as an affiliate or your own product).

To this day, I’m still fixing this issue around my blog! My plan is to eventually have my top 200 posts working in tandem to earn revenue.

For every new post, I make sure it’s interlinked to at least 3-5 existing posts (both directions, from new post to old and old post to new).