Create Income Pathways – Strategy #4

make money with blog

If you have a lot of content, this is an issue to fix. If you don’t, then this is something to consider moving forward.

Once upon a time, I wrote blog posts without regard to what action the visitor would take when they arrived. I just wanted ad revenue.

Now that I understand income pathways better, my new goal is if I’m not selling directly within the post that a visitor lands on, my primary goal is to get them to a piece of content w/ potential to convert.

You can do the same.

Just keep this in mind. Wherever they land on your blog, make double sure you are encouraging them to click on a post that

A) They’d be interested in and
B) They can buy something on

Even if you have to structure it in a way where they click on post A, which leads them to post B, which leads them to Tutorial A, then that works!

As long as the path leads to monetized content AND you’re doing a good job of selling there, you will make more sales than you were before.

The key here is getting more qualified eyeballs on what you have to offer.

If you don’t show your visitors where to go, they will lose interest and leave.

You can capture emails as part of this strategy, but it is NOT required to make money with income pathways. It just enhances your earnings.

Email marketing is a longer term strategy that will work best when you have your income pathways under control. To give you an idea of what’s possible- I was making $9,000 per month from utilizing income pathways before I ever started taking my email list seriously!

The thing about income pathways is that they can lead to virtually anything – a serious product like a blogging course or something simple like the dry shampoo you keep in your gym bag.

Here is a simple income pathway illustration:

This is when you take a bunch of posts related to a single topic and essentially “point” them toward a related monetized post.

Example #1: Pointing three posts about making saving money to a post all about your favorite online coupon printer (something I do!)

Example #2: Pointing three coffee drink recipes to a post all about the French press you use every morning.

Remember: Be helpful & honest & really think through any descriptions you use on social media! (And don’t forget your Meta descriptions – where they appear, they can influence click-ability)