Improve Your Conversion Rates – Strategy #6

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Sort of related to strategy #5….instead of trying to get more visitors, try to convert more visitors into buyers. It’s not only less work, it’s easier to scale.

There are several ways you can up conversions:

1. Get readers onto your mailing list with a related lead magnet so you can follow up. Ideally, this lead magnet will be something that helps them accomplish the goal you want.

2. Once you start sending emails, play around with titles to continuously improve open rates. Just like it doesn’t matter if you are the best salesman if nobody clicks on your posts, it doesn’t matter if you write the best sales email if nobody opens it!

3. Work on being more persuasive in your writing. Tiny tweaks to the words you use and the way you present a solution can make a big difference in overall conversion rates.

4. Incorporate sales triggers into your blog posts. I highly recommend you read the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. It’s mind-blowing! By incorporating some of his concepts, I drastically increased my conversion rates overnight.

5. Play around with scarcity and urgency. If some of your readers are indecisive, this can make a big difference. This works within blog posts and emails. This doesn’t have to feel sleazy if you approach it the right way.