Make Money with Blog – Strategy #1

make money with blog

Whenever I want to make money with blog, the first thing I do is take a look at what I’m selling.

Am I selling enough? Am I being convincing enough when I am selling? Am I providing enough information so my readers can make a purchase decision? Am I writing posts for the sake of traffic that don’t actually lead to a sale or recommendation of a product or service?

I write because I like to teach others. Going from a teaching mindset to a selling mindset is rather difficult, but it makes a huge difference in income!

Once I stopped writing posts for traffic’s sake and started writing posts with the goal of selling something, everything changed.

What kinds of posts can sell for you? Anything that relieves a pain point for your reader or eases their mind about a decision or situation.

Excellent sales post formats are:
> CASE STUDIES (your experience or others)

These types of posts are all meant to wow your readers.

They prove how someone can accomplish something amazing using tools or services you recommend. After all, would you create a case study or massive tutorial about something mediocre or not amazing? I highly doubt it!

These kinds of posts, when done well, will naturally take longer to write than your average post.

Just to give you an idea on length – my highest converting posts are between 2K – 5K words long & took me anywhere from 2 days to 1 week to write.

Writing an in-depth post along these guidelines always increases my income once that post gets out into the world.

The first thing I do when I want to create more income is to slow down and take my time writing a massive tutorial of some kind. This guide is actually an example of that! I wanted to teach others what I know about blogging income, and here we are! 😀

Then I promote my writing on relevant platforms, including applying the tips from Strategy #2, to give it an instant boost. I’ve never been disappointed!