Making the Post Standout Before Publishing


This is the continues article part from our Drive Massive Traffic to New Website strategy. If you missed previous part, please read through here:

STEP 4: Putting the post together

When you receive all your responses, it’s time to create your roundup post. This is where you need to come through and really work hard on making this thing shine.

You’ve been given the gift of a ton of free valuable content you can publish.

You can go the easy way and just copy and paste every answer and hit publish, or you can go the extra mile and really make sure that this thing looks really good.

Some on­page design, custom CSS code to make the page really standout would be ideal. But it all depends on how far you’re willing to go with it.

In the case of this particular roundup post that we used for an example, I would even go as far as paying a designer to create a custom built page design.

Why?​ We’re targeting a huge keyword with over 100,000 searches per month, and (let’s say) that we got some great answers from a lot of big authority figures.

Just paying a little bit more attention to the design can really make the page standout and make it much more appealing for the authorities to share the page, and it will make it easier to build links to it as well.

If you don’t decide to go with a custom design, make sure to at least pay attention to the small essentials.

Make sure to keep these points in mind:

  1. Make sure that you include a photo for each contributor.
  2. Make sure that each answer is clearly separated from others.
  3. Make sure that each contributor has a proper introduction and a link back to their site.


STEP 5: Publish, and let authority figures know ­ ask them to share

Finally, you’ve hit publish.

Now normally, for this new niche site, hitting publish might mean nothing more than the post going live on the site. Nobody’s going to rush over to read your new article.

But this time, it’s different.

For every person who responded to you, you’re going to send them an email and let them know that the post is live, and thank them for their participation.

PLUS:​ You’re going to ask them to share it with their audience, which they’re more than willing to do since:

  1. It’s a great article with answers from a lot of big name players in the niche.
  2. They’ve been included and they want to show it off.


To contact the authority figures:

Just hit reply in your email conversation. This is why email is a lot better than Tweeting them. Since you’ve already started an email convo with them, they’re more likely to open up your email.

For this email, we’ll be using another template:

Hey [name],

The post just went live.

Here’s the link: [link]

Thanks a ton for your contribution 🙂 

If you could share this post with your audience, I would really appreciate it.

You’re awesome!

Have a nice day!


[your name]


Just send this out to all the authority figures who participated, and expect to see a ton of traffic roll in.



As you can see, the strategy is quite different from other link building methods, and works extremely well.

First of all, you’re getting extremely high quality, credible content for free. This helps establish authority on a new site that nobody knows about yet.

Second, you’re connecting with influencers in your niche and getting on their radar. This gives you opportunities in the future to connect with them, ask for links, shares, and even guest posting opportunities.

Third, you’re getting in front of huge audiences. These influencers already have a big following.

Contacting them out of the blue and asking them to share something is difficult.

But by including them into your content, featuring them, and then asking them to share is a whole different story.

Like a lot of outreach link building, there’s some psychology in play here. They’re sharing mainly for their own benefit, but the real benefactor is you.


This strategy can work for existing sites too. It doesn’t just have to be for new sites.

But if you’ve started a new site and are looking to build traction quickly, this is probably one of the most effective ways I know of.