Secret to Getting High Conversions – Knowing Your Target Audience

target audience

When you know your target audience well, you know how to relate to them and you know what is really bothering them. You know and understand the problems they are going through. And most of all, you know what they desire.

When someone opts into your list, you will want to make it pretty clear to them pretty quickly that you understand what they want.

When you do this, you will form an instant bond…and when you do it in the method I am going to show you, you will turn a complete stranger into a friend.

Another Huge Mistake Marketers Make

So if the first mistake is not knowing the target audience, the second mistake is not being memorable.

Here’s an example of this tragic mistake:

Did you ever get on someone’s list because you wanted one of their free gifts and then week later you get all these emails that seem like spam because you don’t remember which lists you signed up for and which ones are legitimately spam? This happens ALL the time.

The reason this happens is because the marketer that you signed up for the free gift did not make himself or herself memorable in ANY WAY! So they get quickly forgotten about and the spam button gets pressed by the subscriber that was legitimately earned by the marketer by offering a free gift that was in line with the niche to get them to take action and subscribe!

What a bummer! This is not a good thing for that marketer.

When getting a new subscriber, you need to find a way to make a connection and it needs to happen.

QUICKLY otherwise you will be forgotten about, the unsubscribe link will be clicked or even worse…the spam button will be pressed on your emails.

So the question that you should be asking right now is HOW DO YOU MAKE YOURSELF MEMORABLE?

The Secret to Getting High Conversions All the Time

Want to know the secret to getting high conversions more often? I will tell you…

When I was doing outside sales, selling a Tuition Management Service to private schools, we always aimed to get an in-person meeting with the school officials.

Although it was a royal pain in the ass traveling from school to school, great distances, it always meant that we were more likely to close a deal meeting face to face rather than just over the phone or through email.

Don’t be scared, I am not saying that you have to personally meet all your potential subscribers…but what’s the closest thing to meeting someone face to face???….VIDEO!!

In one of my option in series, (at I go through about 10 ways someone can make money publishing books.

Every day for about 10 days, subscribers get an email from me and they are all videos with me in front of the camera.

This allowed me to grow a list of people who feel like they already knew me. This is super powerful. I hardly ever get unsubscribes from that list because I have provided a ton of value and it was all done through video…which immediately has more perceived value than a written report.

Let’s get into the 3 part formula.

Here’s The 3 Part Formula

Note: Now, above I said that I do about a 10 part video series for my new subscribers – but you don’t have to start with 10. That will come in time.

The goal is to start with 3 short videos.

Everything that I mentioned above about knowing your target audience applies at this very moment in this very section.

The 3 short videos can either be with you in front of the camera or with you just recording your screen.

Both will work well if you get a few things right:

1) They need to be short actionable videos. Don’t go longer than 7 minutes otherwise it’s too much and it’s overkill

2) You need to speak with authority. You need to be the expert and you need to be the one who knows and understands your target audience. If you don’t, then your videos will show that.

3) Be comfortable. Even though you are speaking with authority, you can still be comfortable and look like a friend and a “regular person”. To connect with people, especially strangers, you need to seem relatable. Have a comfortable environment (if you are in front of the camera) or even show a sense of humor. It’s all completely acceptable.

Now if you can accomplish these 3 things above, you will do great. However, what if you need to work on some of these qualities? You might have to.

Just because you get on video doesn’t mean you will be the coolest cat in town on your first go. It takes some practice but work on one thing at a time. For example, in one session work on being more relaxed, in another work on eye contact with the camera, and so on.