Stop Worrying About Subscriber Counts – Strategy #5

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At least temporarily. You can only worry about so many things at once when you are not trying to work around the clock.

All the subscribers in the world will just stress you out if you don’t have a plan for them. I think I’m the only blogger giving this advice, but just hear me out.

Instead of subscriber counts, I like to focus on getting the RIGHT subscribers.
If you stop worrying about getting tons of subscribers and focus on getting subscribers who buy something from you, you will:

A) Worry less and
B) See higher conversion rates which is motivating!

This goes back to your income pathways, i.e. having a PLAN.

It’s a little known fact but I only have 6,000 people on my mailing list as of today yet I make over $110,000 per year from my blog.

I can do this because almost every person on my list is a hot lead.

Meaning, they are there because they are super interested in one of the monetized topics on my blog.

I don’t have a “general” list. You don’t have to have one either. You can make several lists (or tagged subsets of your overall list, depending on your email service provider) according to your income pathways for more revenue for less work.

In February 2017, I guest posted on Persuasion Nation where I wrote all about a way to find your readers BEFORE they even know they need you.

This is what I mean about finding the right subscribers.

A great use of your time is focusing on finding the subscribers who LOVE what you have to say because it’s like you read their mind and placed a solution at their feet.

Find them the one step ahead in their journey to your solution.

Think of how you can serve your readers in deep ways that most bloggers dare not go, and you will be on your way to finding the RIGHT subscribers who want your solutions.

It surely beats getting hundreds of general subscribers in order to find the few who actually want what you’re selling, literally and figuratively.